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Product Info

product-info-page1.jpgThe Diaper Clutch

Keep your diapers and wipes in one convenient and stylish carrying case!

the diaper clutch keeps your diapers neat and your disposable wipes container of choice conveniently fits inside the pouch with an easy access window.

Lift the flap and there’s your wipe!

the inner pocket has enough room to fit 2-4 diapers…depending on size.

Grab it and go for that quick outing or toss it in your diaper bag!

There is not one baby or toddler that will lay still long enough to get their diaper changed. Having the diapers and wipes in one place with one-hand access will definitely make it easier!

Keep one hand on your child and the other getting your diapers and wipes!

The Diaper Clutch must be used in conjuction with a wipes container. Wet wipes cannot be contained inside The Diaper Clutch without a preferred wipes holder/dispenser.