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How to Insert Wipes

How to insert wipes into your diaper clutch…

Its very easy! Just follow these simple steps!                                              


11.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
1) Grab your wipes and diaper clutch. 2) Turn the pocket of the diaper clutch inside out. 3) Insert the wipes into the two overlapping flaps one side at a time.
4.jpg 5.jpg
4) Turn the pocket of the diaper clutch right side out and position the hard top cover through the opening. 5) Insert your diapers and you are ready to go!

Compatible with a standard pack of disposable wipes. Dimensions approximately 9"x5" containing 70 count of wipes or less.

Brands Include:

Huggies                    Berkley&Jensen
Pampers                   Parent's Choice
Kirklands                  And more!